Spicy pork gelato in Calabria?

Pretty crazy, but in Tropea on the Calabrese coast, I sampled 'nduja three ways: in an arancino di riso, on a pizza, and as a gelato flavor. Lemon gelato worked nicely with the 'nduja.


Ellie said...

so how was the gelato? Yikes... doesn't sound to appetizing.

adrian said...

it was incredible. you don't know what you're missing.

Virginia said...

That gelato sounds fabulous! I WISH I could try that right now... how I miss Italy (and its gelato).

I'm a fellow food writer in San Fran who writes for the Guardian ( my own newsletter, The Perfect Spot:

Love your blog theme and all things pork myself. How lucky you are to spend this time in Modena - thanks for sharing it with us!


adrian said...

Thx Virginia...really like your site. Good info and nice design. Am adding it to my blog list (lol it's an honor due to it's exclusivity).