Return to the Via Emilia

Very excited to return to Italia starting this Thursday.

I start off in Bologna...hit Modena...then Piemonte for a week with the Piemonte Land of Perfection wine travel group...then Parma...then Castelvetro in the heart of Lambrusco country for 6 days...then Udine and Cormons in Friuli...then back to Bologna.

Looking forward to meeting great Lambrusco producers like Camillo Donati, Vittorio Graziano, Bellei, and Ca'Montanari aka Opera 02.

I will see Castell'Arquato, a small hamlet near Piacenza and Parma, and the hometown of Marzia Cozzolino, an Italian girl whom I still think about 9 years later.

I will eat at the legendary Osteria Francescana in Modena, and I am honored to enjoy the cooking of Chef/padrone Massimo Bottura.

I will also eat at Osteria da Rubbiara, in Nonantola near Modena, where they make aceto balsamico and the proprietor confiscates diners' cell phones before the meal. That's the deal. But there's Pollo al Lambrusco.

I will visit the legendary Prosciuttoficio d'Osvaldo in Cormons, in Friuli.

There will be photos, and bloggy dot com bloggy blogging, and tweeters and feisbuking.

That is all.

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