Culatello Monday lunch adventure

I chat up cute girl in line at deli, after we both tasted the latke samples. Cute girl says she wants to get a latke and a little sour cream/applesauce to go w/it. The classic pairing, like the Jewish Port and Stilton.

My number is a long wait, but her number is about to be called and lets me order when her number is called. I offer to buy her lunch b/c a) she's cute and b) she saved me 15 minutes of waiting. After I offered to buy her lunch, she also decided to get a nice serving of lasagna in addition to the latkes. We enjoyed a nice lunch on a bench outside the deli. I'm amused but feel a little wtf-ish about buying her lunch. Unsure about calling/e-mailing her for a follow up lunch swindle and maybe I'll dine solo tomorrow.

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Portland Charcuterie Project said...

Don't be cheap... a lasagne is a small price to pay for a cute girl :)