Culatello King Spigaroli in San Francisco Friday January 22nd

The Culatello master from Polesine Parmense makes an unprecedented appearance, for a Whole Hog and Dungeness crab dinner. What this has to with Culatello, which is not allowed to be imported to the U.S., I have no idea....but forza Massimo!!!

Here below is the news brief in the SF Chronicle:

Ham impresario Massimo Spigaroli, a master producer of culatello, a traditional Italian cured meat made from a special breed of pig, will be at Hotel Vitale's Americano Restaurant in San Francisco (8 Mission St.) on Friday for an $85 Crab and Whole Hog Dinner. Spigaroli is obviously in charge of the whole-hog part. The crab segment of the program is to celebrate Dungeness season. And did we mention it's an all-you-can-eat affair?

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Ore said...

Very cool! I wish I could make it to this dinner!