The King of Culatello...Spigaroli.

Prince Charles gettin' his piggy kicks at Spigaroli

Armani, Armani, Ar Ar Armani!!! (a Pet Shop Boys reference for you geeks). Spigaroli custom ages Culatello for Armani's restaurant in Paris.

The breakfast and cooking demo room...not a bad place for a cappuccino and some eggs n' pancetta, eh?

The grounds outside Antica Corte Pallavicina's newly built agriturismo...special events are held in the courtyard, including a dinner last month honoring Lidia Bastianich.

Tagliolini al Culatello, sounded better than it actually was. I mean, it was tasty, but check out the miserly portion. I didn't want a big pasta dish after the Culatello degustation, but I didn't want my noodles in a thimble either. Wahhh.

A selection of salumi from Antica Corte Pallavicina, Spigaroli's farm (on land once owned by Giuseppe Verdi). From bottom, Strolghino di Culatello, which is a very soft and flavorful sausage made from the upper thigh of the rear leg of the pig; then Cresponata, a salami made from shoulder meat; Mariola, also from the shoulder; and pancetta, aka baconnn!

From left, 20 month aged Culatello and 30 month aged Culatello. Unbelievably buttery and silky texture with the 20 month, more pronounced nuttiness with the 30 month. Si scioglie in bocca...melts in the mouth.

A little stuzzichino of polpettine with a sformatino of ricotta and parmigiano

A visit to Massimo Spigaroli's restaurant, Al Cavallino Bianco, starts off with a Fortana Rosato aperitivo.


etienne said...

I had bacon ($1. a lbs.) and lentil curry (AntoniaTable) for breakfast.

Adrian Reynolds said...

I once saw Claude eat a pound of bacon for breakfast at the Mather St. compound circa 1984-85, the Bill the Cat era.

scott said...

Adrian, thanks again for the food porn. You seldom fail to impress.

Adrian Reynolds said...

Grazie Scott...Al Cavallino Bianco/Antica Corte Pallavicino is a must if you're near Parma